Lone Oak Buildings Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Do I need to provide any equipment?
A. From the initial roll off and throughout the construction process, we furnish all the tools and equipment to get the job done.


Q. Do I need to have electricity on site?
A. No. Our building crews carry generators to every project. However, we do appreciate use of “power line” electricity, if available.


Q. Are the construction crews subcontractors?
A. No. All of our construction crews are “in house”. This means you can relax knowing our fully insured and trained building specialists are on the job.


Q. How level does my site need to be?
A. We can construct a standard building package if the site grade is within twelve inches of level. However, many of our clients prefer to have us construct on sites with even more grade fall. When this is the case, we can customize a package with longer columns, to allow for the grade fall on any particular site.


Q. What if my site has a lot of fill dirt?
A. Columns on our standard building package will accommodate up to three feet of fill. However, for sites with more fill dirt, we can customize a package to include longer columns or piers to reconcile with the deeper postholes necessary.


Q. When will my building be delivered?
A. Because we want to provide the highest possible quality, our delivery schedules run just a couple days in advance of construction. Our construction schedule varies through the seasons, typically six to twelve weeks. At any time, the sales representative handling your account can give you an estimate. However, scheduling delays due to weather makes that process a less than perfect science.


Q. How long will it take to construct my building?
A. No two buildings are alike. Different sizes, amenities, ground and weather conditions make every project unique. One of our experienced sales professionals can provide you with a scheduling estimate for any project. These estimates will typically be expressed in “work days”. That is, full workdays, not including possible weather delays.


Q. Do I need a building permit?
A. Many counties and cities do not require a permit for pole barn construction. However, every county and municipality has its own governing body and rules for zoning and construction. It is the responsibility of the client to check their local building codes before beginning any construction project.


Q. What if I don’t have a road to my building site?
A. An established road is not required. However, ground conditions may dictate site access only in favorable conditions. Often this can delay delivery and construction of your building. Off road deliveries will be at the discretion of our driver. In the event that our driver does not feel a delivery attempt is prudent, we will still attempt a delivery at our client’s direction. In these cases we require our client’s endorsement of a risk/responsibility waiver.


Q. Who is responsible for locating underground utilities?
A. Our clients assume responsibility for any damage to underground utilities during the excavating process. Our crews are building at your direction. Even if you don’t think there are buried utilities in the area, we strongly encourage our Missouri clients to contact the Missouri one call system (1-800-344-7483) at least three days before construction begins.


Q. What if we hit solid rock or while digging for my pole barn?
A. All of our crews are equipped with skid steer mounted hydraulic augers. These are high performance diggers that can remove nearly any soil. However, in the event that solid rock or other obstructions (tree stumps, trees, buried machinery, etc.) are encountered, the client is responsible for additional equipment and labor cost.


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